I have to admit I haven't always been a believer in spray tanning. I just assumed everyone leaves looking like Snooki from Jersey Shore, with a really bad orange tint, dyed hands, elbows, and ankles, and white circles around your eyes. When I finally caved and had my first spray tan, I was confident in Chiara's skills, but not convinced that I would be able to walk around looking like I had spent several days in the tropical sun. Chiara transformed me in minutes, leaving me feelling like a sun kissed goddess. I amazingly looked like I spent my weekend away in the sun with no streaking, my palms were clean, and my tan blended right into my feet. I was also impressed by how quick and easy the spray tan process was. Chiara is a true professional and made me feel very comfortable. I remember hoping out of her portable booth jumping up and down in front of the mirror admiring my new instant tan. I was instantly hooked and every week I look forward to my tanning session.

- Bri Lindemulder

As a three-time cancer survivor, I am well aware of the damaging effects of the sun. At the same time, I am also well aware of how much BETTER I look when I'm not pasty white! Lucky Bumble is the answer. I get an even, natural look, without the harmful effects of UVA or UVB. I have been rather pale my entire life, and can NOT believe how bronzed I look! I never thought I'd be comfortable enough to "bare all" for the sake of a tan, but thanks to Chiara's professional demeanor and bright personality, I was at ease and am SO glad I did it! I wish I had somewhere to wear a swim suit - and I have honestly never said that before!

- Kimberly Nall