frequently asked questions

Do I still need to use SPF when I go in the sun?

Yes, you will need to use SPF, your airbrush tan does not have any sun protection. For best results, use South Seas SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen. It’s made to work in conjunction with your tan and smells delicious! You will feel instantly transported to the islands if you’re not already there.

Can pregnant women airbrush?

We have airbrushed many pregnant women, but we always recommend you check with your own doctor first.

Can I still get tan from the sun after I airbrush?

Absolutely.  Just remember even though you have color, it’s not a base tan, so use sunscreen if needed.

I have really sensitive skin, should I worry about having a reaction to the solution?

Our solution is very gentle and we have never come across anyone that has had a reaction. If you are concerned you can always come in to test it out on a small patch of your skin.